How to freeze fish for many days? know the best 5 the secret tips

How to freeze fish for many days? know the best 5 the secret tips

Fresh fish is always good for human health but if you plan to freeze fish for many days. it will help if you read this article before freezing fish. these secret tips will help you to freeze fish without being fishy. Hello, I am a fisherman by hobby and I go fishing on weekend. cooking fish is my hobby and I love to cook and eat fish. fish is a healthy food but it could be harmful to your health if you did not follow these tips.


5 secret tips to freeze fish

1 Always purchase fresh fish

identifying Fresh fish is not a difficult task. there are a few checkpoints to keep in mind before purchasing fresh fish from the market.

Check fish eye

checking the fish eye is the most important step to purchase fresh fish. the fish eye should be open up and shiny. as the fish stale fish eye starts closing and blurry.

Check fish gills

fish gills should be reddish. this is the key identification of fresh fish. after a few days, fish gills start changing color to dark maroon or greenish color.

Check fish body

Press the fish’s body by hand. if the fish meat is hard then the fish is fresh otherwise not to purchase this fish. fresh fish skin is always shiny.

these are the basic fish identification steps. if you want to learn more then read the detailed article on how to identify fresh fish.

2 Add salt to fish

add salt to fish after purchasing fish. after the fish-cutting process tells the fishmonger to add salt to the fish. this process will remove the fish smell and help to drain water and blood from the fish’s body.

For the best result, after adding salt to it. keep the fish for 3 hours in a polythene bag or in a basket with holes.


3 Wash fish perfectly

Washing fish is the most important step after purchasing it. follow these steps below to wash fish.

Fresh pangasius Fish in basket after washing
  • Always wash fish with fresh water.
  • Rub the fish with your hand and keep showering water on it.
  • Wash until salt and blood are removed and the skin looks shiny and clear.

4 Draining the water

after washing the fish the next step is to drain water from the fish’s body.

Note: if this water remains in the fish’s body fish will be fishy after a few days and change its taste.

  • Keep the fish in a basket with holes to drain fish water from its body.
  • Keep the fish under a ceiling fan. this process will drain fish water fast.
  • You can use a paper towel or a clean cloth to drain fish water.

5 Add some basic condiments

This is the last step before freezing fish. add some basic condiments

  1. Salt
  2. Turmeric
  3. Carrom seeds
  4. Cumin seed
  5. Garlic paste
  6. Mix all these condiments and apply this paste on the fish and keep fish the in the basket again for some time.

Never use yogurt and lemon if you are planning to freeze fish long

Keep the fish in a food storage box and keep it in the freezer. you can freeze fish for many days using the steps above.

When you plan to fry freezer fish after a few days. defrost the fish and add some extra condiments according to your taste like Red chili, black pepper, etc.

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